Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are intended to both share information and reiterate important points - perhaps somewhat succinctly and crassly at times - with the goal to provide bottom lines.


The drill for setting up a charter is to read everything on the website, email or call with any questions to confirm the availability of charter dates, and mail the completed contract, yachting resume, and a check for the 1/2 charter fee deposit. You can print copies of the contract and yachting resume from the heading PDF Downloads heading.


The drill to start a charter is to meet at the designated dock, settle you into the yacht, demonstrate the operation of the vessel, and collect the last payment.


The drill at the end of the charter is to fill the fuel tanks, fill the water tank, empty the holding tank, and clean the yacht. Also, you are responsible for unloading at the end of the charter. It will take much, much longer to complete these tasks than you may anticipate so please plan accordingly.


The contract and yachting resume that you need to complete and forward with your 1/2 charter fee deposit can be printed from the PDF Download Heading.


A telephone call is returned upon receipt during a charter but please do not call to ask "Do you have any dish towels on High Cotton and if so where are they?"


At the time of departure a money order, cash, or bank check but NOT personal check is required. However, you may send a personal check to secure the charter.


Children's life vests are not provided.


The $250 per week for the insurance binder is not refundable, the cost is what you paid the insurance company for insurance during the charter which is a rider on the CYC policy.


You are self-insured for the dinghy and motor so if you drop the motor in the Sound, you buy a new motor . . . which has happened 4 times in 22 years.


The dinghy may not be towed with the motor attached.


Dogs are not allowed on a charter.


A 3 hour minimum at $75 per hour + materials is required on all repairs, cleaning, refueling, etc.


Early boarding the evening or late afternoon before a charter is available for $175.


Leave the fuel receipt on the yacht at the end of the charter.

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