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High Cotton is an absolute joy to sail! Asides from the well known Nonsuch integrity, she is frequently known as the yacht that entices seasoned sailors to give up their more conventional sailboats for an "easy" yacht to sail. In fact, all sail handling is done from the safety of the over sized cockpit including access to all navigational equipment. Hull speed is approximately 7 to 8 knots with 15 to 20 mph winds.


A typical charter from Hamburg Cove, Connecticut to the Shelter Island, New York area is approximately 24 nautical miles and requires about 5 1/2 hours from mooring to hook However, charters frequently spend a few days in Essex enjoying her amenities and cruising the river . Norman Crampton, author of The 100 Best Towns in America, ranked Essex #1 of all small towns Must sees in the area include the Connecticut River Valley Museum, Essex Steam Train and River Boat,; 200+ year old Griswold Inn for lunch or dinner including live entertainment on selected evenings and the adjacent award winning wine bar, the Black Seal for drinks or casual dining in a truly authentic nautical setting with food to die for®Comm=C%3Ahc-essex; and the 100+ year old Goodspeed Opera in East Haddam, where Annie originated, for a play Also, on a first come, first serve basis dock spaces are available if you are attending a play or eating next door at the Gelston House before a play. The swinging bridge adjacent to the theater opens on the hour. Block Island also appears to be a freqeunt destination for couples with adolescent children to entertain The final standard cruise is the guys week out or bachelor cruise which seems to include hanging out, fishing, cruising, and whatever [provide your own urls, smile]. Regardless, a host of activities exist for the lifestyle that fits your needs in the upper Long Island Sound area. In fact, guests frequently join the cruise at various hail ports.


The typical charter is a week or Friday to Thursday or a weekend Friday to Sunday although wherever possible accommodations are made to work with more desirable dates for your convenience. Also, many charters elect to pay an extra $175 to board High Cotton that night before their departure.


High Cotton is the most comfortable sleeping with 2 adults although the space is far more than adequate for 4 adults or even better with 2 adults and 2 children. Each bunk is more than 6' in length and provide ample width for a comfortable nights sleep. The layout and other specifications are below with High Cotton's more preferred classic design the top layout.



L.O.A.: 30' 4" (9.25 m)

L.W.L.: 28' 9" (8.76 m)

Beam: 11' 10" (3.38 m)

Draft: 5' 0" (1.51 m)

Displ: 11,500 lbs. (5216 kg.)

Ballast: 4500 lbs. (2041 kg.)


This 30 footer was the first of the Nonsuch line of sailboats. It is one of the more unique models on the market and Nonsuch yachts have gained widespread popularity in Canada. The design for the Nonsuch is a Canadian concept inspired by the American catboats. The Nonsuch line of yachts were designed by Mark Ellis and built by Hinterhoeller into the 1990s and popularized in the United States by James Eastland of Eastland Yachts in Essex, CT. It is interesting to note that they were named after the famous "Nonsuch", a 50 foot (15 metres) square rigged ketch which successfully sailed into the Canadian Arctic in 1668, and thereby cleared the way for the creation of the Hudson's Bay Company two years later.


Although the Nonsuch's single large sail means that its windward ability will not equal that of a sloop with headsail, the modern underwater profile allows it to point higher than expected. The fin keel and spade rudder found on the Nonsuch 30 also does away with the windward helm which is characteristic of the Cape Cod catboats. Also, one of the great advantages of High Cotton is that she is very easy to sail short-handed, or even single-handed. Consequently, it is expected that this yacht will grow in popularity as generations of sailors from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s move into their retirement years.


Finally, because of the nature of her hull design, High Cotton is a very large yacht. In terms of interior volume, she is approximately 25% larger than her length would indicate.


You are provided with assistance to board the charter and the process requires approximately 2 hours including a demonstration of the yacht's operating procedures. However, you are required to use the dinghy provided or whatever means available at the end of the charter to unboard. Typically the pickup is in Essex, CT at the Brewer's Dauntless Shipyard - check out the local weather here, too although arrangements can be made for Lyme, CT at the Hamgubrg Cove Yacht Club In fact, if the Grand Banks 32, Cherokee, is away from port on charter, you can use her Hamburg Cove mooring in addition to the Essex mooring.


Finally, Connecticut state law requires that pump out facilities be used for the holding tank and bilge. The Town of Lyme Pumpout Boat provides free services and may be contacted on VHF Channel 68 or telephone 860.463.9753


The method for securing a charter is to call or email with questions to determine available dates.


Contact may be made by any of the following means; however, email is probably the best method for the initial contact to express an interest and determine available charter dates.


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