If contact is needed during the cruise, call 860.367.4477 for Dr. James C. Griffin or cell at 860-391-2469 for Rob Watts.


Engine Hours:

Current engine hours ________.



One-half charter deposit              $________

Remaining one-half charter fee     $________

Sub-Total                                   $________

6.35% CT Sales Tax                   $________

Total charter paid                        $________


Insurance Binder

Total binder paid                          $________


Security Deposit

Total security deposit                  $________

Total security paid                       $________


Received by


___________________________                        ________

                James C. Griffin                                     Date





Your signature indicates that you understand or accept the Equipment List and General Yacht Operation; understand and accept the Contract; understand and accept the insurance; will operate the yacht at all times in compliance with federal, state, and local laws or rules; and understand that Classic Yacht Charter will assume no responsibility or liability during your charter.




__________________________                         ________

                           Client                                     Date

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